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Hello everyone! I'm Vitali64! I like programming, I like Free Software and use them every day.
I hate most Non-Free software like TikTok, FaceBook, ...
Aside from programming, I like Math, Science and Physics, I also enjoy cooking.

Stuff I use :

My MacBook

Model : MacBook2,1 Late 2006
CPU : Intel Core 2 Duo T7200
GPU : Intel GMA950
OS : Artix Linux
Firmware : Libreboot/Coreboot

My Phone

Model : POCO F1
CPU : a Quad-core ?
GPU : Some Adreno GPU
OS : Android (lineageOS) and postmarketOS (on an SD Card)
SoC : SDM845


Text Editor : neoVim
Video Editor : Olive Video Editor (currently searching for other ones)
Recording : FFMPEG/SSR
Window Manager : dwm
Video Viewer : mpv
File Manager : ranger