Simple, Lightweight, Free.


Featuring XFCE, and only what you need. Linux4All can run from your old 2008 iMac, to your Average Gaming PC !


Not only is this FREE, it's also Open. That means you and other developpers from around the world can modify, build and share the source code for FREE!

Easy to use

With Linux4All, users from Windows will feel at home, with the iconic start menu and taskbar.

Always get the most updated app

Because Linux4All is based on ArchLinux, that means you always get the most updated app by default !

Modern Interface

Linux4All includes a fresh, polished and modern interface following the Material Design Guidelines that you can freely customize.


With Mozilla Firefox as the Default Browser, and some extensions that improve your security, Linux4All is a great choice for privacy

And More!

What are you waiting ?! Download now !